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ATIH 3 Day Workshop

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In respect of the nature of the work that we do, I urge you all to place the value you know you deserve into your spiritual journey.  We want to work with everyone, regardless of your current financial situation.  We have payment plans available for those who are willing to make the commitment.  Due to the high volume of requests we get for workshops, we do request a non-refundable deposit to hold your space.  Please only make a full payment if you are certain you will attend, as we will require a 2 weeks notice of cancellation to give you a refund of half the full payment price.  If you make a full payment and are unable to attend last minute, we will not be able to refund your payment as we have to reserve space ahead of time.  By purchasing below, you are in agreement with these terms and conditions.  We urge only those who are ready and know they can make the time to make reservations, as we also don't want to exclude other students who are ready to fill our workshops.  We love you all, and we hope to work with you as we continue to share our work with the world.